Creating synchronized photorealistic render with CMS IntelliCAD

Creating synchronized photorealistic render with CMS IntelliCAD

The new CMS IntelliCAD 8.2 Premium includes now the Artisan render for CMS IntelliCAD add-on software. 

A CMS IntelliCAD is able to export a 3D model in to Artisan render for CMS IntelliCAD. Materials mapping, lights (spot or point) and backgrounds can be kept syncronized with CMS IntelliCAD 3D Model Space editing.

Artisan render for CMS IntelliCAD add-on software is able save users a huge amount of time by rendering a scene as a preview quality image in just a few seconds.  Materials, lights and backgrounds are applied to the 3D model and scene using quick, and intuitive, drag-and-drop actions. A wide range of pre-set Materials and Lighting Setups, plus the ability to create your own realistic Materials, make ARTISAN render for CMS IntelliCAD a pleasure to use.

Snapshots can be taken from both a non-rendered scenes or from a preview rendered scenes, allowing users to pick the desired snapshots to be fully rendered using predefined or customized high definition resolutions.

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