New ETOOLBOX CAD Viewer for Microsoft Windows released

New ETOOLBOX CAD Viewer for Microsoft Windows released

New ETOOLBOX® CAD Viewer (Beta release) for Windows OS was recently released as an add-on to the also brand new QuoteCAD® Manufacturing 4.0 Beta version. It allows QuoteCAD users the option to open *.dwg, *.dxf, *.dwf and *.dae CAD files associated to products, parts or services.

ETOOLBOX® CAD Viewer is based on the IntelliCAD Mobile technology provided by the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (AKA ITC). Know more about ITC at

QuoteCAD® Manufacturing 4.0 is a new release that includes major new features and improvements. This release is the logical consequence of an extensive development work invested in this product that reached a maturity level able to provide advanced capabilities and extended performance.

Starting from this new version, QuoteCAD® Manufacturing software provides an extensive set of methods of communication between various of its software components allowing third party developers to extend the Microsoft® .Net based QuoteCAD® Manufacturing software functionalities. Additionally, we’ve also published comprehensive e-book, “Develop QuoteCAD® Manufacturing Plugins”, as source for the full QuoteCAD® Manufacturing API usage. Such e-book is freely available under an Amazon KindleUnlimited account but can also be purchased on Amazon at

Vitor Neves, President of CAD-Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.,  stated, "This new version represents a major leap forward on QuoteCAD development and a great opportunity for worldwide third party plugin developers that can now extend QuoteCAD features with their own custom applications."

See what is new in QuoteCAD® Manufacturing 4.0 at

Currently, QuoteCAD® Manufacturing 4.0 has been released as Beta version that can run for 30 days in trial mode. QuoteCAD® Manufacturing 4.0 installer includes the new ETOOLBOX® CAD Viewer installer as well. Free download available at


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